Who am i?


Born in October 2005, Fiji started his love for music at a very early age. With his father being an ex-DJ and his grandmother being a classical piano student at the academy, he got immersed in a bath of musical variation, which still is evident in his own range of musical styles to date.


At the age of 5 years old he started learning the secrets of the piano and since the age of 8 he started producing original and remix tracks in an abundance of styles, such as: funk, jazz, hiphop, triphop, techno, house, trap, etc… and did it while studying hard for school, mastering the art of karate and playing basketball on the highest level, being voted one of the best players of his age group.

In 2016 he broke all records on the popular remix competition website “metapop” as a 1st time participant at the tender age of 11 years old when he posted the track “Street Swarm” featuring his 9 year old brother Io, basketball pro Anthony Chada and rhyme master Ted blasting the mic.

Just 7 months later, after some great guidance and tips from mentor producers, Fiji already booked the 1st of his winner tracks on the website with: “NI Fusion Blast – Fiji Remix”. But the win he is still most proud of to this day though is his remix of Grammy-nominated drum legend Nate Smith: “Vol 3 – Pocket Change – HipHop Version Remix by Fiji”.

Since then he has always been one of (if not) the most liked entrée into any competition he has ever participated in, because he has always continued working on improving his skills both as a producer and a remaster of tracks, while trying to help other upcoming producers as well.

His originally produced tracks number over the 1000 already and are still multiplying…

In spite of all that, Fiji remains very focused on school and plans to become a doctor or researcher in the field of tropical medicine. He also understands the importance of a healthy body – healthy mind balance and continues playing basketball, even though on a lower level due to time constraints. But the love for music remains a priority in his life and he is always seeking ways to improve even more every day.

Towards his dream of someday releasing his own music to a larger audience, he had some help and guidance from some great people and he would like to thank them from the bottom of his heart.


Antwerp, Belgium